Sean Donahoe: Success Personified

The Internet Marketing Legend Sean Donahoe

Sean Donahoe is an Author, Speaker, Internet Marketing Strategist and Consultant that is highly respected. Sean who is based in California, USA prides himself as having the passion to learn something new three times a day. This professional who has run the Internet Marketers Success Center (IMSC) for years has a unique story behind his success. He arrived the United States with only $5 but leveraged the power of the Internet to become a success. His story which is motivational also has other facts that would interest you. Before we look at the man and his accomplishments, it is important we mention some of his contributions to the Internet Marketing World.

Sean has designed products such as Rapid Mailer, Syndication Rockstar, Loki Link Builder, Profit Builder, Video Assasisin, Radi Content Lightning Wizard, EZ Popups and many more. A look at some of these products would make you believe he was all about the Internet from the start. This is not exactly as it appears. The journey began for Sean when he was 10. He wanted to get a Computer and his Dad told him he had to work for it. Sean began washing Cars but found out he was not making enough to reach his goal.

He had to scale things up and hired other kids to work with him. He took 50 percent Commission on each job the kids did and at the age of 12 he had his first car. This was a beat up Mini Cooper but it opened Sean to the possibilities that about in the world of Business. As the years rolled by, certain realities hit and Sean had to shelve his drive as an Entrepreneur to work for other Companies. This was not for long, as he soon founded a Computer company. Interestingly, it was at this point the world was realizing the need for Computers and the Internet was holding sway in many organizations.

This led to Sean to become one of the early players in an industry that has grown to huge global acceptance. His penchant for this field started in his days in Northern Scotland, but his arrival in the US in the late 90’s took his success to new levels. His huge gamble of coming to America with $5 and the promise of a job makes him to be referred to as the $5 Millionaire. He hit the right chords in the Consulting and Internet marketing world before certain developments forced him to start out on his own.

There are different experiences that have characterized his involvement in the industry. This has led him to increase his avenues to share his rich knowledge on various platforms. Sean who has been on numerous Internet Marketing programs has recently designed a revolutionary product tagged – EZ Popups. It would interest you to know that he has been the first in many leading products that power the Internet Market. His quest to reach for more has driven him to create more products that would keep being relevant for years. Sean Donahoe has etched his name as one of the legends that transverse the Internet Marketing world.