Check here as we review Joshua Zamora’s new Smart Video Metrics

We have created a full review of Joshua Zamora’s brand new product called Smart Video Metrics. Click here for the smart video metrics review

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Internet Marketing: Yesterday and Today

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the email and the Web to drive direct sales through Electronic commerce. Beyond this, Internet Marketing is also targeted at generating sales leads from emails or Websites. In most cases, the Internet marketer may use this medium as the primary gateway for generating sales. On the other hand, online advertising and Internet marketing efforts can be used in conjunction with other traditional means of advertising. The Newspapers, Radio, Magazines and Television can play complimentary roles in reaching set targets.

In view of this discussion, we can take a brief look at specialized areas of Internet Marketing. These areas include Social Media Marketing, Web marketing and email marketing.

Social media marketing focuses its efforts on using Social Networks to drive its businesses. It is common to see such activities on Twitter, Digg, YouTube, Facebook and much more. One major component of the advertising and marketing endeavors in this segment is the use of viral marketing.

Web Marketing: This includes Promotional or Informative Web sites, Online advertising on search engines, e-commerce Websites, organic search engine results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Affiliate marketing Websites.

Email marketing: This involves promotional marketing efforts and advertising through email messages to current or prospective customers.

The story of Internet Marketing would be incomplete without the mention of one of the early pioneers in the industry. Sean Donahoe was a key player in this niche right from the early 90’s. According to him, he began generating interest in Computers and other allied matters when the Calculator could perform more functions than the average Computer. His big break began in 1998 when he relocated to the United States. He did some consulting jobs for some firms when they were so many grey areas in this field. As time went on, he branched out to pioneer businesses that played a key role in this form of Marketing.

It must be stated that some of the software that drives the processes of today’s Computers were created in the early days. Sean played his part in seeing this market emerge to what it is today. According to him, it was the passion that drove him to engage in most of his endeavors. It was his relocation to the US that opened his eyes to the huge possibilities that abound in this business. Internet marketing has come to stay, but kudos must be given to those who laid the framework for its success.

The wealth of Sean Donahoe’s experience in this business has made him to create avenues to give back to the coming generation. He believes that every system must be explored to make it easier for everyone to achieve success in the industry. His humble beginning also serves as a launch pad for reaching out to everyone to believe they can thrive in this dynamic Market. In retrospect, Sean credits his Dad for driving him to become an Entrepreneur. He started as a 10 year old who washed Cars for his Neighbors but that initial spark has led him to stand as a colossus in the field of Internet Marketing.

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