Perkzilla Bonus and Review

Product Name: PerkZilla

Product Creator: Promote Labs

Launch Date: 11-7-2017

Official Website: Click Here

The creators of Perkzilla, Simon Hodgkinson, and Jeremy Gislason initially constructed this system for themselves to enjoy viral traffic.

This is usually always a HUGE tell of a good product, when the people behind it have actually created it for themselves to use instead of purely to sell and make money.

One very important thing to mention is that you can get LIFETIME access to PerkZilla during the launch period of Nov 7th-14th (see lowest price).

After that the only way that you will be able to get Perkzilla is on a recurring monthly membership (hate those).

Perkzilla is a tool that makes it possible for its users to create a viral rewards system which keeps motivating the visitors to your website to share your content, product release, articles and even more. There are various levels of rewards that are established by the user and this can be executed on an autopilot schedule.

This is something that I’ve personally been waiting to come out for a long long time. When it comes to promoting anything there is NOTHING more valuable or profitable than something going viral and getting MASS attention/syndication.

It can mean huge paydays and overnight successes if done right.

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It has to be discussed that a few individuals who have access to the pre-launch phase of Perkzilla have aired their views about the product.

Some call it an easy tool to employ whilst others have a small difficulty with the fact that no one can use it to market an affiliate page that is not specifically handled by you. (Easily fixed by simply creating your own pages which you should already be doing!)

What I will aim to establish within this Perkzilla review is to check out the product holistically.

As much as individuals get carried away with the excitement of each launch, I like to keep matters down to earth.

On a general note, this product is designed for those who do not possess much technical know-how. It operates on a cloud-based structure, so there is nothing to download.

As much as possible, it is perfect for people to view a demonstration of the product just before they determine if it will be best for them. Perkzilla helps you select the items that may be employed to reward those who share your web content or refer their friends to your website. Some common items of reward consist of ebooks, discount coupons, promotional giveaways and more.

Most Perkzilla customer reviews concentrate only on what steers the product, so I have chosen not to dwell so much on that. I will quickly highlight the good and the bad parts of the product. This will definitely help each interested user to make an educated selection.

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  • Perkzilla is perfect for the online marketing rookie, the professional and everybody in-between.
  • It is easy to use, and the campaigns that you set up can run automatically with no manual input.
  • It allows you to pick the level of rewards that you can provide to any individual who helps to make your web content or product go viral.
  • The dashboard makes things easy to track as many campaigns as you opt to run. This means you can keep striking the correct nerves in your target market as much as you desire with the aid of this product.


  • You need to set this up with your own pages
  • If you don’t buy during the launch it could be expensive
  • You need to have a product or affiliate product to promote with it

The launch of Perkzilla looks to be yet another notable breakthrough in the method people enjoy viral traffic. Based on the recent calculations, companies are set to take joy in enhanced sales and a rise in their bottom line.

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