Review of EZ Popups by Sean Donahoe & bonus

The power of knowing what to do as an internet marketer is better harnessed when you have the right tools to help you achieve your goals.

There are times we hear about new software, tools or products and wonder if it will actually serve the purpose that it is designed for. These are genuine concerns that cut across different industries, but our focus here is to address this issue as it relates to Internet Marketing.

First, I want to start off by saying that Sean Donahoe is an internet marketer that I was lucky enough to find at the start of my journey and using his products has helped me to make a lot of money online.

Without further ado, this piece is an extensive evaluation of what you need to know before you buy EZ Popups.

One of the cardinal objectives of the Internet Marketing world is to bring conversions and income to site owners. The reason for this EZ Popups review is to give you the facts to help you transcend new levels in your Internet Marketing experience. If you are already well informed of what this product can do for your business then click the link below.

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EZ Popups: Setting New Trends

Before we go into details, a foundation would be made to guide us into every facet of this product. The EZ Popups Sean Donahoe designed is not for those who are not serious about making money. It has the focused Internet Marketer in mind. It is created for the individual who wants to leave the Status quo and launch to new heights.

One of the things that would help anyone benefit from this product is to know that the designers put many years of experience into making this easy to use product which brings great results and offers you the ability to use extremely advanced techniques with the push of a button.

A quick overview

The Name of the Product: EZ Popups

Product Creator: Sean Donahoe

Launch Date: 2016-03-29 at 11:00 EDT

Price: $47

Ez Popups Sean Donahoe

EZPopups Bonus offer by Sean Donahoe


Every time we explore the possibilities that abound in the world of Internet marketing; we might get bogged down with the Rhetoric. With so many options available to us today it is essential to only focus on the things that are going to provide us with the most valuable ROI in turns of our time and money.

A look through this field has seen many tools which promised so much and could not deliver when they were deployed. This has raised concerns for many players in this industry. The good news is there is an upward swing to this experience. The capturing of the mood in the market and the design of a product that gives real solutions make EZ Popups an all-round winner. It is on the basis of this understanding that every savvy Internet Marketer must get on-board to take advantage of this unique offering.

Every blogger makes contributions and posts to their blog with the intention of drawing an audience and having their content read. This applies to Internet Marketers too. It is the desire of every Marketer to have their Websites visited. The sad truth is beyond these desires; some individuals do not put action to get their dreams actualized. The Search Engines are unable to pick their Sites and they simply make up the numbers in a very competitive and vast market. Ultimately, the Swan song would be in full blast if they forget the very essential step of building an email list. This singular misstep has put paid to most individuals who may have bright ideas, but do not know how to work the internet space to their advantage.


This reminds me of someone who went to a Marketer and was speaking about the Marketing strategies to use for his product. He felt the significant time he had used to talk about things which would generate traffic and conversions was all there is to it. All his hopes, enthusiasm and expectations was cut short when this highly experienced Marketer asked – ‘’How big is your email list?’’

This brings us to a critical question that would lead to further lines of interesting thoughts. It is pertinent to know why you must build an email list. This has nothing to do with getting dummy emails, but HUGE page views and REAL Traffic to your site. This may sound challenging but it can be done when you buy EZ Popups. When your email list is up and running, you enjoy Advertising revenues, high customer retention and amazing sales that would be worth each cent of your investment. In a sense, you cannot attach value to what you can get from the email list because it can skyrocket to any heights when you know how to work it. For example, when you have a very robust email list, if a public company shows the interest in buying your website or blog, you can value your site at a very incredible rate and you would have them begging to take up the offer.

Every step of the reviews, facts and points that would be shared is important, but you must remember that building your email list is essential for you to succeed. This is why I am so excited to let you know you can get a wonderful tool which would give you instant results: EZ Popups is the way to go. Let us look at the comprehensive EZ Popups Review and get a good grasp of the powerful features that make this product unique. The EZ Popups bonus design gives you something extra to work with. Generally, when every Marketer uses the EZ Popups Sean Donahoe designed; you simply spell Success.



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Sean Donahoe Ez Popups Product CreatorA Few Facts about the Author

The creator of this Product which has been enjoying rave reviews (EZ Popups) is Sean Donahoe. He is a Speaker, talented Author and a Marketing Expert. He has an amazing story that inspires anyone to reach for greatness. He came to the US with just $5 in his hands; he went on to build a very successful business system by leveraging the power of the Internet. Sean is a Millionaire who has worked his way up and can attest to the viability of the opportunities that abound in the Internet. Based on his experience in internet marketing, he shares unique tips on how to make technology work to every Marketer’s advantage. Also, he has replicated channels that help to boost sales across board. He has a voice that must be heard as everything he says has been proven to be golden over the years.


EZ Popups is a full-on drag-and-drop list building platform. It gives you a very huge and highly responsive list, which takes your conversion rates to an all time high. The functionality of this tool makes it convenient for your visitors to make their subscriptions and it allows you to easily incorporate forms to your site. It has a very simple and easy to use format; all you have to do is to drag and drop the target you have in mind, EZ Popups will seamlessly generate the channel for making opt-in forms with simple steps in less than 30 minutes. The customer centered approach of the EZ Popups Review permits you to test its functionality before you publish. You can click here to make an order of the EZ Popups today.

Features and Benefits of EZ Popups

There are so many great benefits and astounding features that are in this product. The listing of these value adding components is to serve as a reference for you. As you use the product, you would have a firsthand experience of its powerful design. Here are some of its features:

  • It gives a sharp increase to your List Building and Lead Generation
  • You can integrate this product with every e-commerce platform and this includes Shopify
  • It can be integrated with Webinar Systems, CRMS and high grade Auto responders
  • This tool is very powerful but easy to deploy based on its format for the Drag and Drop Campaign Builder
  • The designs permits you to offer any type of Download, Opt-in, Freebie, Coupon and much more
  • It keeps your site active and helps you to maintain a high customer retention rate
  • The powerfully designed interface allows campaign creation to start in seconds
  • The Parallel submission format gives room for one lead to result in multiple services all at one exchange
  • You have over 50 templates you can work with, customize and quickly deploy to generate leads
  • You can create Overlays, Popups, Welcome Gates, Slides ins and more
  • The A/B Split Testing features allows you to optimize conversions
  • You can use the power of the Onsite retargeting to create great results for your site
  • The Campaign triggers very substantive experiences which includes Exit Intent feature to keep your customers engaged
  • EZ Popups give you custom lead funnels and two step opt-in feature
  • For audiences interested in REAL behavior, the laser-target format makes them a part of your platform
  • The Analytics of each campaign are well detailed and could be seen in a glance
  • It enables you to create a message that resonates with you and your audience
  • You can enjoy optimized layout on any device with the Mobile Specific Builder
  • You can target the same Behaviors or URLs with a Multi-stacked Campaign
  • You can raise the bar on your Social platform by boosting your Fan Base
  • The content locking feature helps to boost Lead Generation before contents are viewed
  • You can optimize and test your campaigns in order to maximize your success levels
  • You can use a sublime control for launching your promotions based on the Flexible campaign schedules
  • There are many elements for various campaign options
  • It can be emdedded on any site with its 2 lines of code
  • You can enjoy advanced URL targeting with a laser-focus on Campaign Control
  • You can create Attention Grabbing Campaigns and any type of Call to Action that appeals to you
  • The catchy Entrance and Exit Animations are successfully deployed to catch visitors’ attention
  • You can connect to over 400 services when it is integrated with Zapier
  • It is ideal for experienced Marketers as well as new Marketers
  • The automated element creation is ideal for multiple Graphic Builders
  • It gives you easy integration and management with its optional WordPress Plugin
  • You can easily add Tracking Code or retargeting code to any Campaign
  • You can engage leads directly by embedding any Video of your choice
  • You use countdown timers for Scarcity Marketing to boost conversions
  • The Map Campaigns work for Specific Traffic Sources which establishes Inbound Targeting
  • The Automated design feature coupled with its frequency capping gives optimized attention
  • You can use your creativity to design other format that works with your areas of interest

What you must do

When you order EZ Popups today, you can enjoy the EZ Popups bonus that is running for a limited time. This product gives you the edge you need to thrive in your niche. It has been tested on various fronts and the results have been amazing.


After a careful look at the features mentioned in this EZ Popups Review, it is quite interesting to see all the things that this builder can help anyone to achieve. The beautifully designed templates help to make the process easy to upload and use. On the other hand, you can make use of the powerful editor to design your own template. It can help you to create, test your opt-ins and run your program anytime you want. It is your ideal partner to a world of success. Do place an order today.

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